How to File Divorce without an Attorney


Effective for Contested and Uncontested Cases

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Marriage is hard enough when it works.

For many marriages, people come to the conclusion that they just can’t stay together. Most of the time it takes them a while to come to the decision to divorce as it is not an easy or simple decision. Once the decision has been made, often the first thing they do is contact a divorce attorney. People then find out how much it costs to divorce in the state of California and their jaws drop. It is expensive to get a divorce in California!

The average cost of a divorce in California is $10,000 to $20,000!

Many people spend way more.

So you want to get a divorce, but you don’t have the money to hire an attorney.
Now what?

People in this situation most often decide to go it alone and represent themselves. This is called ‘in propia persona’ or ‘in pro per’ for short. People wanting to do it on their own look around and they find the ‘online divorce for $137’ options available out there, and they think

‘You bet! I’ll spend $137 to get my divorce done online’.

There’s a big problem with these offers, however.
While that may seem like a great deal, these options are most often not at all effective when your divorce is contested, meaning you and your spouse don’t agree on issues, or if you need a protective order, or if you have property and don’t agree on the division of it, or you have children and need child support and so on and so on. Additionally, you are repeatedly asked to pay additional costs to maintain access through your case.

All these elements add complexity to your divorce that are simply not addressed in the low-cost options. These options are often only effective for people who have no property together, no children, no need of child support or spousal support or custody orders. Basically, people who completely agree on everything and don’t own anything to split, that’s it. Any other situation will not be covered by those options, if they agree to work with you at all.

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So now what? You have a normal case; you need a protective order; or you need to get child support and your spouse doesn’t agree; or you need spousal support and your partner doesn’t agree, and you don’t have the money to hire an attorney?

What the heck do you do?! For most people , they will come to think they are really stuck in their situation. But then you found our course and you breathe out with relief because you know you will be able to do your divorce on your own after all!

All you need to do is enroll now!!

We have created a course that will walk you through everything you need to do to get a divorce in California, regardless of your situation! We cover all the forms you will need to start your case; get support; get a protective order, if needed; get child custody orders, and an wide number of other issues that come up in your divorce.

Among others, we cover the following issues:

How to prepare and file your petition?

In order to get your divorce going, you will have to prepare the Summons and Petition and complete the declaration under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement act. We cover each of these forms.

How to serve your petition?

Someone other than you needs to give the other party, your spouse, notice of the divorce. We cover the necessary forms and how to do it properly.

How to Request a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

One of the first issues to consider is whether or not you are safe. If necessary, you may need to file for a Domestic Violence Restraining order. We cover how to fill out the necessary forms to request the order and how to serve it to the other party, your spouse.

How to request custody and visitation orders?

You may need to ask the court for custody and visitation orders for the children you have together. We cover all the forms necessary and discuss the process the court goes through to make these orders. We also include the process required to request emergency orders for custody and visitation which can be invaluable in dire circumstances.

How to request child support?

We cover the necessary forms required to request child support along with the supplemental issues such as daycare, therapy, and extra curriculars for your children. We also review a sample Dissomaster report, which is an integral part of making the request, to provide more clarity on how the court will review your request.

How to request spousal support?

We help cover the necessary forms to request spousal support (alimony), both temporary and permanent. We also review a Dissomaster report to help provide clarity.

How do you complete your disclosures?

Each party is required to disclose a complete list of assets, liabilities, income and expenses with supporting documents. We cover the forms needed and provide a review of other ways that you can use to get information they need.

How do you get your judgment package approved?

We cover the Judgment Checklist, which outlines the documents needed to complete your judgment package.

And All Of It Led By An Experienced Divorce Attorney!!

File Divorce without an Attorney

  With Spanish Subtitles


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