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Have You Gotten Married and are Looking for a California Law Firm to Help You Create a Postnuptial Agreement That Works With Both You and Your Spouse To Build a Foundation for Your Successful, Healthy Marriage?

We Know We Aren’t The Only Family Law Law Firm in San Jose, But Not All of Them Use Non - Contentious Practices to Work For Both You And Your Spouse to Ensure Your Marriage is Protected and Continues to Be Happy and Healthy.

Did you get married without a prenuptial agreement? You can still enter into a postnuptial agreement to document how you have agreed to divide property in the event of a divorce.

The main benefit of a postnuptial agreement is to keep any property you owned before the marriage as non-marital and separate from property acquired during the marriage. Over time, assets tend to shift around and get commingled, and the postnuptial agreement will help document the non-marital assets.

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  • Experienced – Our attorneys have the experience needed to guide you on your journey to wedded bliss. Determining what to include in your prenuptial agreement may be stressful. We can negotiate the terms of your agreement so that you and your partner feel comfortable.
  • Straight Shooters – You’ve made an important decision in your life. We respect you for that. You can count on us to give you the honest (sometimes hard) truth about what to expect on the road ahead, so that you can be prepared in every way possible.
  • Because Your Family and Happiness Are at Stake – Working together toward a fair marriage contract will allow you to go into your marriage on the same page, and increase your chances for success.
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About Postnuptial Agreements

California law allows for legally binding postnuptial agreements. However, you must carefully follow all of the law’s requirements for a postnuptial to be legally binding. Creating a postnuptial agreement has no time limit as long as these requirements are met. Contacting us at any point after your marriage can help solidify your future together.

Items that our family law attorneys may suggest to include in a postnuptial agreement are:

  • Alimony award limitations or exclusions to prevent expensive litigation in the event of a divorce
  • Penalties and attorney’s fees in the event the agreement is challenged by the spouse
  • Specific asset distributions to avoid a judge dividing assets unsatisfactorily
  • Assets earmarked for children, especially from a prior marriage
  • Division of assets in the event of separation with no divorce

Creating or even discussing a postnuptial agreement with your spouse is not an admission that your marriage will end in divorce. However, knowing that divorce is a reality for over 50 percent of married couples can help the two of you come to the table in a reasonable, professional manner to consider such an agreement. Perhaps you have precious non-marital assets that need protecting. Maybe you just want to hammer out a fair deal on alimony while you and your spouse are both open to discussion.

Divorces involving individuals with high net worth can be more complicated than most, which is why you should retain a Florida family law attorney with experience in representing business owners, public figures, and other higher-income clients. We can help you draft a legally valid prenuptial that can preserve your wealth if the relationship doesn’t turn out to be forever. Do not despair if you got married without a prenuptial agreement, as we can also assist with drafting postnuptial agreements.

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