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It’s time to make a change and escape an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s time to reclaim your life.

Recognizing that your “normal” is not physically, emotionally, and psychologically healthy for you and your children is a difficult realization. Often people “normalize” toxic and dysfunctional behavior for many reasons, including embarrassment, financial dependence, fear, and more. Sometimes that harmful behavior slowly seeps into your life with little awareness other than a feeling that something is “just not right,” or a specific event, outburst, or injury clearly puts the writing on the wall.

Acknowledging a change is needed is a giant leap towards freedom from a damaging relationship. The attorneys at Seabrook Law Office can help you find a safe place to land. Having the ability to navigate the journey through family court and the legal process, Seabrook’s attorneys can see you through legal separation, custody arrangements, alimony settlements, and divorce.

Paul Seabrook, the firm’s founder with offices in San Jose and Fremont, is passionate about helping his clients during this journey.

“Be completely honest with yourself about what you really want,” he advises. “Then take action by following these true desires, whether that be to stay in the relationship with your spouse or leave your spouse and reclaim the life you deserve.”

Unhealthy behavioral patterns can take many forms:

  • Does someone need to have control and instill a sense of powerlessness in others?
  • Do they order or exert control with intimidation or ultimatums?
  • Do they justify their actions by claiming they love you?
  • Do they react and act out in anger when things don’t go their way?
  • Do they need to control another person’s whereabouts or track a phone?
  • Are they demeaning or insulting?
  • Does substance abuse or other addictive behavior, such as gambling, shopping, and drinking, adversely impact the family’s finances?
  • Do they blame others for their mistakes and faults and not take responsibility?
  • Are they passive-aggressive, i.e., sulking, giving silent treatment, and being uncooperative?
  • Do they refuse to recognize these behaviors as damaging to the people they claim to love?
  • Do they deny their behavior and make others believe they are instead the problem (gaslighting)

These are just a few ways to identify behavioral patterns that produce unhealthy and potentially toxic relationships.

Trauma, anxiety, depression therapy, and a support system can help someone unlearn this behavior. However, when the behavior has maybe led to financial instability, infidelity, neglect, depression, anxiety, and even physical and verbal abuse, it is time to recognize the need to say “no more” and reclaim the life you desire and deserve.

Family Court, a division of the Superior Court, handles all matters related to family law, such as divorce, legal separation, annulment, child custody, visitation rights, spousal, child support, division of assets, and alimony. Restraining orders and domestic violence cases are also heard in Family Court. Frequently attorneys can help the parties negotiate support, custody, and related issues can be resolved without having to go to court or proceed to court to handle only some of the unresolved issues. Again, being represented by a skilled family law attorney is necessary and crucial to a favorable outcome.

Having decided to reclaim your life and proceed with the filing for a divorce, Seabrook attorneys will prepare for the initial hearing by gathering all relevant evidence, electronically filing the necessary forms with the court, preparing witnesses (as needed) for the hearing, and skillfully presenting your case to the court, arguing for the best possible resolution. They continually communicate the process and ensure their client understands it, including expected court behavior.

Compassionate and experienced, the Family law lawyers at Seabrook Law Office offer free consultations to discuss each couple and family’s unique situation and issues. Seabrook attorneys are there to inform, educate, assist, and guide their clients from initial filing to resolution.

Contact Seabrook Law Offices. 6840 Via Del Oro, Suite 265, San Jose. 408-769-5817 or 2201 Walnut Ave., Suite 190, Fremont. 510-400-4984. Visit, check out their latest blogs, or request a free consultation.

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