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SAN JOSE, California—Seabrook Law Offices, a family and divorce law firm, announces that Lawyers of Distinction has recognized attorneys Paul Seabrook and Craig Darling for excellence in family and divorce law in 2023. The organization, incorporated in 2014, is a legal fraternity of lawyers from the U.S. and abroad with a mission of helping members distinguish themselves in the competitive legal profession.

According to the Lawyers of Distinction website, lawyers may nominate peers they feel deserve the recognition. Furthermore:

“Lawyers of Distinction Members have been selected based upon a review and vetting process by our Selection Committee utilizing U.S. Provisional Patent # 62/743,254. The platform generates a numerical score of 1 to 5 for each of the 12 enumerated factors which are meant to recognize the applicant’s achievements and peer recognition. All applicants must be licensed to practice law. Members are then subject to a final review for ethical violations within the past ten years before confirmation of Membership. A Lawyers of Distinction Nomination does not guarantee membership and attorneys may not pay a fee to be nominated. Attorneys may nominate to Lawyers of Distinction their peers whom they feel warrant consideration. The determination of whether an attorney qualifies for Membership is based upon the aforementioned proprietary analysis discussed above. Membership is not meant to infer any endorsement of Lawyers of Distinction by any of the 50 United States Bar Associations or The District of Columbia Bar Association. Any references to “excellent,” “excellence,” or “distinguished” are meant to refer to the Lawyers of Distinction organization only and not to any named member individually.”

Paul Seabrook spent five years teaching in Santa Clara County

Before becoming a lawyer, Seabrook spent five years teaching in Santa Clara County before enrolling in law school at the University of San Francisco in 2007 and graduating in 2010. After a few years practicing law in Seattle, Washington, he and his wife returned to California, where he founded Seabrook Law Offices. Today, his staff includes eight attorneys and a 15-member support staff of paralegals, marketing and administrative professionals. As a happily remarried father and former teacher, his focus is helping parents protect their children through divorce. “The family court system is a sewer system, and it’s best to get out as quickly as you can,” Seabrook says. “I tell my clients, ‘settle, get out fast, and get on with your life.’ However, we’ll do whatever the clients need. We’re not out for revenge play and wasting their money. As this recognition from Lawyers of Distinction attests, our philosophy works. I’m grateful to my peers and the organization for the honor, and I look forward to serving clients in the San Jose and Fremont areas for years to come.”

Senior Attorney, Craig Darling has over 17 years of litigation experience and is proficient in all family law matters. With extensive experience in Family Law Appeals, Darling has crafted various Writs and Appellate briefs and argued over a dozen cases before the prestigious California Court of Appeal, 4th District Division 3. He has argued 10 times before the California Court of Appeal’s 4th District Division.

A concerned citizen, Darling has also used his experience in law to help those in need, volunteering for the Parking Lot Justice Program with Saddleback Church. There, he offered California citizens one-on-one legal advice in family law. Additionally, he served as a powerful advocate for those in need, lending his expertise and Appellate Litigation skills to the Wings For Justice 403(b) Non-Profit Organization, which seeks justice for vulnerable women and mothers suffering from domestic violence.

Senior Attorney Craig Darling -San Jose, CA - Seabrook Law Offices

“I’m honored and humbled to receive this award from Lawyers of Distinction,” says Darling. “It’s a pleasure to serve our clients and work with such exceptional staff at Seabrook Law Offices. To know that we make a meaningful difference in the lives of others is gratifying, and I’m thankful to my legal peers for the nomination.”

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About Seabrook Law Offices

Seabrook Law Offices is committed to helping clients get a second chance while protecting their children through the divorce process. With empathy and compassion, Seabrook Law Offices educates their clients so that they can move through the family court system as quickly as possible and start their new lives as quickly as possible.

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About Lawyers of Distinction

Lawyers of Distinction was first incorporated in 2014. Our sole mission was and has remained to help our Members “Distinguish Themselves” in a very competitive legal landscape.

Lawyers of Distinction is a legal fraternity of lawyers from all 50 United States as well as abroad.

Initially our vision included a legal directory unmatched by any, which would include a full attorney profile and biography which could be searched either by State or area of specialization or both.

This initial vision, however, was just the beginning. Our benefits have grown and expanded every year since our founding. In 2020 we added unlimited member CLE credits approved in all 50 States.

Additionally, we introduced our first coffee table Member Directory. Other 2020 highlights include surpassing 5,000 Members, being recognized as one of America’s 1,000 fastest growing companies by Inc. 5,000 and surpassing 1 Million website visitors. We aim to be the leader in the legal award recognition space and will continue to innovate and add additional value to our Membership offerings.

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