Due to Rapid Growth, Seabrook Law Offices Announces Opening of Its New San Jose California Office

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Seabrook Law Offices, a San Jose California-based Family Law Firm, announces its expansion to a second office, at 6840 Via Del Oro, Suite 265, San Jose California, 95119. Paul Seabrook, a former teacher in Santa Clara County, opened the family law firm following a few years of solo practice in bankruptcy and divorce in Seattle, Washington. Once Paul and his wife Rocio relocated back to California, he established Seabrook Law Offices in San Jose and shifted his focus exclusively to divorce and family law. Thanks to the firm’s explosive growth, Seabrook decided to open a second office to serve clients throughout the greater San Jose area.

“We’re thrilled to announce the opening of a second office in San Jose, where we will maintain the same hours as our main office, to address the needs of our clients in the family law and child custody areas of law,” Seabrook says. “I’m a father. I’ve also been through a divorce and found happiness in a second marriage, so I understand our clients’ concerns and struggles. For kids, especially, divorce is a dangerous time. That is why we encourage our clients to ‘put on their grown-up pants’ and handle the process carefully. Our clients know they can count on me to have their back and offer solid representation. The staff at Seabrook Law Offices, including Legal Administrator Michael Boucher, Legal Assistant Juanita Carmona, and Marketing and Social Media Manager Alexa Iscoa Gale, is committed to treating every client with respect. We provide personal attention, answer all questions, and give our clients the support they need to move through an incredibly stressful time and get on with their lives. With the opening of this new office, we look forward to helping even more clients, especially parents, start their new lives and protect their children through divorce.”

Seabrook Law Offices’ new location is at 6840 Via Del Oro, Suite 265, San Jose California, 95119, is set to open in about two to three weeks. For more information, contact Seabrook Law Offices at (408) 560-4487.

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Seabrook Law Offices is committed to helping clients get a second chance while protecting their children through the divorce process. With empathy and compassion, Seabrook Law Offices educates their clients so that they can move through the family court system as quickly as possible and start their new lives as quickly as possible.


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