7 Qualities to Look For in a San Jose, California Family Lawyer

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Are you struggling to choose a family lawyer for your divorce, spousal support, or child custody case? Picking the right lawyer can significantly impact your case, but what qualities should you look for?

As a family law practice, Seabrook Law Offices has a unique insight into what makes a family attorney stand out. We’ll share seven qualities to look for so you can find an experienced family law attorney that has your and your loved ones’ best interests at heart

1. Honest

A good lawyer will not just tell you what you want to hear. Your attorney should be open and honest with you about your case and the realities of the law. Rather than misleading you to believe that your case will be 100% successful if you hire them, your lawyer should be open to discussing the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

An honest approach to your family law case allows you to set reasonable expectations and develop a strategy that covers all your bases. If a lawyer has nothing remotely negative to say during your initial consultation, you can safely assume they are not being totally genuine with you.

2. Attentive

You’ll want to avoid attorneys who always seem too busy to talk with you. If you speak with their secretary more than with them, you might want to keep looking.

The chances that your case succeeds increase exponentially when your lawyer makes time for you. Discussions about your legal issues should be thorough and not rushed. If the attorney speeds through your divorce case consultation or does it over the phone rather than in person, that could indicate that they won’t be very attentive during the rest of the divorce proceedings.

3. Strong Communicator

Strong communication between you and your attorney is vital. They should be open to taking your calls and giving comprehensive legal advice when you need it. If there are changes or issues with your case, you should hear about it immediately.

A good lawyer will not leave you wondering about the status of your case. They’ll communicate with you every step of the way and ensure that you understand the complicated legal documents and processes involved in your case.

4. Knowledgeable

When you hire a lawyer for a divorce, they should know divorce laws. The outcome of your case – especially if it goes to court – depends on the lawyer’s knowledge of the laws that apply to your situation.

A competent family law attorney will have a thorough knowledge of divorce, child custody, and spousal and child support laws. When you consult with a lawyer, pay attention to how confident they sound when discussing the legal issues.

5. Compassionate

Family law involves very sensitive circumstances between spouses and their children. It’s a confusing and distressing time for your kids, but you may be hurting so badly that you can’t really focus on them. Your lawyer should understand your situation and be willing to listen to your thoughts with compassion.

The goal of your lawyer should be fighting for what’s best for you and your children while you’re getting a second chance in life. If an attorney is unsympathetic to your hardships, they will likely not provide the support you need in getting your new life.

6. Objective

By nature, the law is entirely objective. Lawyers also need to maintain a level of objectivity when representing their clients. They should consider the facts about your case to create realistic expectations and form strategies that address potential concerns.

Your lawyer needs to look at your case from the court’s perspective. Most cases are not simple black-and-white issues, and you should know your options. If an attorney leans heavily in your direction during the consultation, they might be focusing on winning you as a client rather than addressing the actual legal situation.

7. Experienced

An experienced lawyer will have contacts in the court system and particular knowledge of the judges and other attorneys in their jurisdiction. Their insider information can be tremendously helpful for getting a favorable outcome in the courtroom.

If you’re unsure about the experience of a family lawyer, check the reviews from past or current clients. You can also investigate their case record to see how successful they are with litigation.

How Do I Find a San Jose Family Lawyer Near Me?

Searching “family attorney near me” online is one way to find local lawyers, but keep the above qualities in mind when making your choice.

Seabrook Law Offices assists families in the San Jose area with their legal issues. Our team of experienced family law attorneys is empathetic to your and your children’s situation. We will work with you to discover effective strategies to help you achieve your goals while remaining compassionate during a challenging time.

To schedule a consultation with Seabrook Law Offices in San Jose, California, call 408-560-4487 or fill out our online form.

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