How to Purge the Old and Welcome the New After Your California Divorce

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Major life changes – like divorce, or a spouse’s death, or blending two families into a new household – affect both your emotional state and your physical dwelling. These changes can bring about overwhelming feelings of confusion.

Seabrook Law Offices understands. Our founder, Paul Seabrook, started our firm after surviving a difficult divorce. We can help you with your divorce and child custody order.

We also have an extensive network of referrals in other fields as you rebuild your life. For home organizing and design services, we are pleased to recommend Tamah Vega Design. Over the past 15 years, owner Tamah Vega has transformed homes and offices throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, leaving a more organized and vibrant environment.

Tamah spoke with us recently to discuss how reorganizing one’s home after divorce can lead to a sense of empowerment.

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Seabrook Law Offices (SLO): After people have come through a divorce, they live in a half-empty house or they have moved into a new place with fewer furnishings. How can a professional organizer help them?

Tamah Vega (TV): We work with individuals who are going through divorces. I’ve been through one myself. I try to help them create a home environment that really supports whatever their life needs at this time.

My company provides everything from relocation to design, but we specialize in creating a sense of home. We offer unpacking, decluttering, organizing, storage solutions, and styling. Decorating is further along in the process as our client becomes more familiar with who they have become and allows them to express themselves.

SLO: How do you evaluate a client’s home environment?

TV: When people reach out to us, we’re starting at a place of reassessing what they have in their home. They might be downsizing. They are definitely decluttering, which offers a way to shed the old versions of themselves and what no longer serves them. If they were sharing a home with someone and now they’re moving into another space, oftentimes, there were things that were either sold or left with their partner, and they have to start over.

We approach things from a more holistic perspective. It’s not just about going through a checklist of what decor and appliances you need in your home. It’s about finding out where you are emotionally. What other kinds of changes and activities are happening in your life? What does your environment need to support who you are becoming?

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SLO: If a home is cluttered, what do you toss out?

TV: I never make people get rid of anything. We work with people room by room, and even within the room, just piece by piece. It’s not like the TV shows where you’re throwing everything out. People think they have to do everything all at once. That becomes very overwhelming, and it leads to paralysis. We ask people to break it down into smaller pieces. We ask them to be gentle with themselves.

SLO: So people are often beating themselves up.

TV: We really want people to know that it’s okay to be in the position that they’re in. There’s a lot of “shoulds” that happen in this environment: we should have done this, we should have made that decision. We find that a lot of people are shopping as a form of love therapy, to feel better. They often end up with things that they didn’t really intend to purchase, or with buyer’s regret. We remain non-judgmental throughout the process and guide them to make the most impactful decisions for their specific circumstances.

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SLO: Once a client has come through your process, what happens?

TV: People are excited: “This is now my environment. I don’t have to ask anyone else for permission.” That is very exciting and empowering for women especially, to be able to move forward and do things on their own. The entire process is one of self-discovery.

Part of our process involves asking people, “What is exciting to you now? What colors energize you? What styles make you happy? What is it that will really inspire you in your new space?” We spend some time with them helping them figure out “Who is this new me?” It can be very liberating for them.

SLO: What tips do you have for us?

TV: Your space can be meaningful, yet fun. Think about what the purpose is for the space, and how it’s going to energize you and inspire you. Your changes don’t have to be big. You might reorganize a specific counter, or a bookcase, or something small. But do something that is going to visually impact the space. Every time you see it, you’re going to get excited and motivated to then keep moving on to other parts of the space. Make sure that the things you’re keeping either serve a purpose or make you happy in some way. It’s okay to keep anything if it’s truly making you happy, even if that is its only purpose. Every choice you make, no matter how small, will help you discover your sense of home and create a more supportive space and more vibrant life.

For more information, contact Tamah Vega at (510) 516-4446 or complete the online form.

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