Seabrook Law Offices Hires Accomplished & Experienced CEO, Janelle Sam

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SAN JOSE, California—Paul Seabrook, founder of Seabrook Law Offices, a divorce and family law firm, is thrilled to announce the hiring of Janelle Sam as Chief Executive Officer, effective January 22, 2024.

With over 20 years of executive experience helping law firms grow profitably, Sam is the ideal leader to take Seabrook Law Offices to the next level. She’s a highly-skilled executive advisor, entrepreneur, and media influencer who earned a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications from Baruch College, and a Master of Business Administration from Cornell University. Sam was recognized as one of the top 50 Women Leaders in Houston in 2022 by Women We Admire and has a track record of delivering results.

Additionally, she worked as a fractional CEO in the legal industry helping law firm owners manage and grow their firms profitably with results as high as 135% growth in as little as two quarters. Sam is passionate about helping business owners connect to their WHY—the fuel drives the engine to reach its strategic and financial objectives.

Sam’s career started in financial services, where she managed administrative operations as an outsourced account manager at companies such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Securities, Macquarie, and Bain & Co. She led the significant growth in the financial and operational efficiencies of accounts with multi-million dollar revenue streams.

As CEO of Seabrook Law Offices, Sam will oversee all business operations and implement strategic initiatives to increase revenue, improve processes, and enhance client services.

“Janelle’s track record of success in the legal industry makes her uniquely qualified for this role,” says Paul Seabrook. “Her expertise will be invaluable as we seek to better serve our clients and provide quality representation for people throughout the Bay Area. I’m confident that under Janelle’s leadership, Seabrook Law Offices will continue to thrive.”

“I’m thrilled to join the Seabrook Law Offices team,” says Janelle. “Paul built a firm that experienced significant growth serving the residents of Santa Clara and Alameda counties here in California. I look forward to working closely with the attorneys and staff to take this practice to new heights through strategic initiatives and operational excellence.”

The hire of Ms. Sam as CEO marks an exciting new chapter for Seabrook Law Offices, as the firm advances its mission of providing the highest quality legal services to clients throughout San Jose, Fremont and beyond.

About Seabrook Law Offices

Seabrook Law Offices aims to guide clients through divorce with care and understanding. The firm helps people get a fresh start while safeguarding the best interests of any children involved. With a sympathetic and informative approach, Seabrook Law Offices equips clients to efficiently navigate family court and turn the page to their next chapter. Minimizing stress and providing clarity are our top priorities, so clients can rebuild after this challenging transition.

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